Winters in the U.P. can be cold — very cold. At Winter Haven Motel & Pine Stump Junction Rentals, we embrace the cold rather than snub our noses at it. If you think we’re crazy, then you probably haven’t been snowmobiling on one of the trails that Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is known for. If that’s the case, we invite you to join us this winter for some fun in the snow.

Upper Peninsula Michigan Ski-Doo Snowmobile Rentals

Singles & Doubles Available • 2-4 Riders • Daily & Weekly Rates Available • Safety Equipment and Training Provided • 4-Stroke, 600-1000CC Engines • Immediate Access to 3 Groomed Trailheads • $600 Deposit

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We offer late-model snowmobile rentals to our guests and customers, so they can truly experience a Northern Michigan winter. Contact Winter Haven at (906) 658-3314 today for current pricing and availability, or request a quote online for your next adventure.

Snowmobiling in the Upper Peninsula

Located near Newberry, MI, our facility and motel is close to several extensive snowmobiling trails in the Upper Peninsula. In fact, we’re near three of the largest trailheads in the U.P., meaning our guests can hop out of bed, rent a snowmobile, and hit the trails at the break of dawn. Since we’re so close to Lake Superior, the lake effect turns everyday snow into an amazing landscape. For detailed information about trails nearby, check out, or simply ask us when you’re about to embark on your journey.

Snowmobiling in the Upper Peninsula

Snowmobile Rental Perks

When renting any of our sleds, customers receive some benefits. First, we’re always happy to help plan an afternoon. Whether you’re a novice snowmobiler or an expert, take advantage of our knowledge of the area, or discuss our guide services when making a reservation. We also provide multiple-day discounts for those who rent for an extended period, safety helmets, and on-site riding and handling instructions.

Explore the U.P. with a Snowmobile Rental

Partner With Winter Haven For Your Next Adventure

If you’d like to experience the snow like never before, head to the Upper Peninsula, one of the nation’s best snowmobiling destinations. It may be cold, but you’ll soon forget about the temperature once the fun begins. Contact us at (906) 658-3314 for current pricing, or request a quote for any of our rentals, including our kayaks and canoes.