New to the U.P. and need some helping hands to guide the way? Look no further than Winter Haven Motel & Pine Stump Junction Rentals. When you book a motel room or a recreational rental from us, we’ll be more than happy to point out the ideal places on the Michigan Upper Peninsula map for relaxation, fun, or both. We even help set up for any activity out in the wilderness, including hunting guides, fishing guides, rockhounding, and bird-watching, to name a few. For more details or to plan that vacation to remember, contact us at (906) 658-3314 today to request a quote.

U.P. Guide Services
Michigan's U.P. Guide Services

Trail and Game Guide Services

Close to Lake Superior, our location is in the perfect spot for any small group to find an adventure. We’re near Big Two-Hearted River, Blue Ribbon River, large lakes, the three major trailheads, and many other hiking and camping trails. Tag along with our guide to a picturesque spot to sit, relax, and let life take hold.

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Hunting Guide

In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, hunting is where it’s at. We have some of the largest white-tailed bucks, black bears, moose, and more. Living here for more than two decades, we know the ideal hunting spots, and we’re happy to let our secret out. For novice hunters, an Upper Peninsula Michigan hunting guide from our team will bring you to the perfect spot and help set you up; for professionals, we can just mark a spot on the map and leave you to your own devices. Although we don’t guide you through the area step for step, we’ll always set you up for success. Check out the state’s site for hunting regulations, restrictions, and other resources.

Buck Hunting Guide in Upper Peninsula MI

Michigan Upper Peninsula Fishing Guide

Surrounded by the world-famous Big Two-Hearted and Blue Ribbon Rivers, more than 50 lakes, and over 15 trout streams, the Upper Peninsula area is also an angler’s paradise. Rent one of our kayaks, pack your own cooler and tackle box, and head out for some trout with a fishing guide. We have some of the best brook trout rivers in the country for you to enjoy.

Other Guide Services

Unfurl your binoculars and look toward the tree line for some epic bird-watching, or opt for a day floating on the water. No matter your expertise in hunting, hiking, or fishing, we’re here to help you make the most of your trip. Take in the scenery while learning a new hobby or skill. Call our office at (906) 658-3314 to request a quote or learn more about any of our services, including rockhounding guides, rentals, and our motel.