The Upper Peninsula has something for everyone: the avid outdoorsperson, the angler, the swimmer — find your little piece of paradise up in Northern Michigan. At Winter Haven Motel & Pine Stump Junction Rentals, we make it our duty to turn any vacation into a memorable one. Who has more fun than we do? Hopefully, you. Contact us at (906) 658-3314 to discuss your vacation, and we’ll help plan it.

While the area is booming with attractions, there are several of our favorites we would like to share with you.

  • Lake Superior Circle Tour – Pine Stump Junction is located on a portion of this adventurous tour that wraps 1,300 miles around the world’s largest freshwater lake.
  • Oswald’s Bear Ranch – Just minutes from our motel, Oswald’s is a one-of-a-kind attraction that gives an intimate look at one of nature’s most prized mammals: black bears. You may even be lucky enough to hold a bear cub in your hands.
  • Crisp Point Lighthouse – Experience breath-taking views all year long by visiting this coastal landmark. Rich in history, this stop will create memories to last a lifetime.

Start Planning Your U.P. Getaway!

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Snowmobile Trails

The U.P. is home to snowmobile trails that stretch over 250 miles in all directions from our home in Newberry, MI. Stay near Newberry, head toward Lake Superior, or branch out into any of the surrounding trailheads and cities nearby.

Take a look at this list of trails organized by locale, and be sure to ask us where we’d recommend.

Snowmobiling Tours in Upper Peninsula MI

Fishing Spots

From the Twin Lakes to the Big Two-Hearted River and beyond, the fish swim with no restrictions and are just waiting to be nabbed. Take a cue from Hemingway, and feel the powerful views and extraordinary wildlife on the Big Two-Hearted River, a Blue Ribbon Trout Stream. Newberry is home to at least three other Blue Ribbon Trout Streams, so get ready to catch some fish. Rent a kayak from us and hit the water for an afternoon of relaxation by yourself, or perhaps with a scaly friend or two.

Hunting Spots

Save a buck when hunting a buck with Winter Haven Motel & Pine Stump Junction Rentals. Although we don’t offer full guides, we do recommend the best hunting spots and assist with the initial setup. Northern Michigan is well known for its hunting opportunities, and it can sometimes be difficult to find a secluded area away from other hunters. That is where our experience comes into play; we’ll put you into a great position out in the U.P. wilderness.

Of course, Lake Superior to the north is also a perfect spot for families to enjoy a weekend. The sun-soaked atmosphere, refreshing wind, and exceptional views are a breath of fresh air for visitors and residents alike. Book a room through us, and spend the weekend on the water.

Contact us at (906) 658-3314 today and ask about any of our rental options, motel amenities, or guide services. We’re always happy to assist in any way we can.