All season long, Winter Haven Motel & Pine Stump Junction Rentals is the prime spot near Newberry, MI, for outdoor recreational vehicle rentals. In the warmer months, it’s all about ATVs, and we’re here to give riders a reason to tackle the local trails. Our ATV and UTV rentals are newer models, safe, and affordably priced. In fact, we want you to save as much on your trip as possible, which is why we offer special multi-day discounts. Call us at (906) 658-3314 for current prices, trail conditions, and availability of any of our ATV rentals.

UP Michigan ATV Rentals

2-6 Riders • Multiple-Day Discounts • Safety Equipment Provided • $600 Deposit

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Upper Peninsula Michigan ATV Rentals

Singles & Doubles Available • 2-4 Riders • Multiple-Day Discounts • Safety Equipment Provided • $600 Deposit

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ATV Rental Options

We provide late-model vehicles built for speed and all-terrain driving. Our ATVs seat one or two people (2ups) while the UTVs (also side-by-side vehicles) can seat two or four, respectively. We provide all required safety equipment. We keep rental rates low and share our knowledge of trails so you can rent a four wheeler with confidence. Expect only the best from us.

ATV Rental Michigan Upper Peninsula
ATV Rentals in Michigan Upper Peninsula

Local ATV Riding Trails

In the Upper Peninsula, there are several trails for ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles. The three largest are the Silver Creek Trail, Pine Ridge Trail, and the Two-Heart Trail. All three are over 30 miles in length and encompass the various lakes, rivers, and attractions in the U.P.

The area will also soon be home to the longest ATV/OHV trail in the United States. Work has already started on the trail, and when it is finished, there will be a stop right at our doorstep!

If you’re a novice rider, when you rent a quad from us, we’ll direct you toward a prime location to both learn to ride and get the best views. If you’re a professional ATV rider, we can probably still help set the tone for your trip. Just ask when reserving.

A Note on ATV Safety

Laws on ATVs and quads vary by state, and Michigan’s laws can be found here. We are sticklers for safety, so we advise all children to take a state-approved safety course before attempting to ride, and parents should always be within eyesight of any underage riders. It is a respectful practice that insures everyone’s safety.

For pricing and availability on any of our quad, UTV, or ATV rentals, contact us at (906) 658-3314 and request a quote. In addition to our high-quality four wheelers, we also rent snowmobiles, canoes and kayaks, rooms at our motel, and provide unique guide services to set you up for success. Who has more fun than us? Only our customers.